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As homicides rise, Philly police must quit the lip service and start building community bonds

By January 10, 2021 No Comments

Although nationwide protests, sparked by the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, have largely stopped, addressing systemic racism and improving the relationship between the police and the communities they serve remain critical even as the spotlight dims. This is especially true in Philadelphia, where the homicide rate is rising.

Public commitments were made by the Philadelphia Police Department, and communities of color wondered if these commitments would be kept. Keeping them is key because, among other things, addressing police reform is an integral part of gun-violence prevention.

When individuals experience police discrimination or brutality, they are less likely to trust or rely on law enforcement. Consequently, these community members are less likely to cooperate with law enforcement, which includes not reporting crimes or serving as witnesses in investigations. Unfortunately, some turn to retaliatory violence, which can increase crime.



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